Ministry Teams

Building and Grounds

The church is, most of all, a body of individual members attempting to live their faith and gathering as a community to worship. Although the church is not a building, the church’s building provides a place for worship and for many of the activities of the church. The Building and Grounds Ministry Team maintains the church building and its grounds.

Social Action

The Social Action Ministry Team will provide leadership to the congregation to support members in serving the world.


The worship life of the Christian congregation is central to its existence. The Worship Ministry Team will work with the Pastor(s) to help people experience a deeper relationship with God through a rich worship life of the highest quality, including administration of the sacraments of baptism and communion.

Christian Education

Members of this ministry team, in partnership with the Christian Education Coordinator, will engage children, youth, and families in faith formation, social action service and fellowship events. This ministry team will act as an advisory group for the overall program of the Christian Education ministry.


This Ministry Team, in partnership with the Director of Congregational Development, implements and oversees fundraising efforts that support the general operations of the church. This team also educates and nurtures members toward involved financial support of the church.

Outreach & Engagement

This Ministry Team focuses on creating connections between all who enter the Spirit of Peace building. This includes welcoming and engaging visitors, walking beside those who wish to pursue becoming members, and nurturing further involvement of current members.

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